Nissan Stops Taking Orders of Sakura EV and X-Trail in Japan

Nissan has stopped taking new orders for its light electric vehicles (EVs) because of prolonged delivery periods of a year or more, according to Reuters report citing a company spokesperson. The Japanese automaker announced the suspension on its website and it is unclear when it will resume taking orders.

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Hybrid models remain far more popular in Nissan’s home market than EVs, but the automaker hopes to draw more Japanese drivers to battery-powered cars by offering low-priced micro models such as the Sakura.

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Nissan unveiled the Sakura, its first jointly developed light EV with alliance partner Mitsubishi Motors in May 2022 and said in July it had attracted orders of 23,000 units, exceeding the total number of battery-driven EVs sold by all companies in Japan last year.

Nissan also stopped taking new orders for the X-Trail crossover sports utility vehicle for the same reason. The suspension is for the domestic market, the spokesperson said.

“We are unable to provide customers with a delivery date response.”

Strong orders and the global semiconductor chip shortage, which had cast uncertainty over the production plan for the next fiscal year, have led to a prolonged delivery period of a year or more, the spokesperson added. In late September, Nissan has also stopped taking new orders for the Leaf EV currently sold in the domestic market.

Source: Reuters

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