No Honda Car Assembled Since 50+ Days, Another Shutdown Announced

Honda Atlas has announced yet another extension of its plant shutdown schedule, as gloomy clouds continue to loom over the company and the auto industry in general due to difficulties in clearing LCs and import restrictions imposed by the government in order to keep the dollar outflow in check.

The company has informed the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) that it is extending the plant outage for another 15 days. Honda has been observing non-production days (NPDs) since August 2022 but the current streak of closures dates back to 9th March 2023 when it first announced the NPD schedule which was supposed to be in effect till the 31st of that month.

Honda Non Production Notice

However, Honda extended the plant shutdown for fifteen days from 1st till April 15th and was supposed to resume operations on 16th April. But now the company has extended the NPDs and will keep its plant shut till the end of this month. This will render more than 50 NPDs in a row without a single Honda unit assembled in Pakistan.

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The current scenario will pose a huge threat to the future of Honda cars in Pakistan as the company is already suffering from a 50% decline in sales. Only time will tell if the situation improves in the following months.

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