Pak Suzuki Experiencing “Change is Good”

Pak Suzuki is notorious for selling obsolete cars in Pakistan, particularly after 1990. The majority of Suzuki cars launched in our country were either globally obsolete models or were introduced towards the end of their lifetime (in global markets). In most cases, locally assembled Suzuki models were dragged for several years before being discontinued/ replaced.

However as already mentioned in one of our previous articles, Suzuki experienced massive success (by introducing a relatively newer model against its tradition) with the launch of 8th gen Alto 660cc as a replacement for Mehran which was originally the 2nd gen Alto from the mid-1980s. Upon launch, the entry-level Alto hatchback breached several sales records for Pak Suzuki & is continuing to pile up more.

alto 2

Now Pak Suzuki is experiencing similar results with the new Swift it launched in February last year. Although the company was again more than 5- years late to bring this model to Pakistan, still being something parallel to what’s offered in the rest of the markets, the Swift is doing exceptionally well compared to its predecessor.

Swift GLX 001

The old Swift which was launched in 2010 (the same year when it was replaced by a new generation model elsewhere) suffered from hopeless sales throughout its 12 years tenure in the domestic market. While it remained seated at the bottom of domestic sales charts, the new Swift is enjoying handsome sales ever since it was introduced in our market last year.

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Now when the entire auto industry is going through testing times due to ongoing economic challenges, only Alto and Swift are the two models for Pak Suzuki which enjoyed good sales during the recently-concluded year 2022 whereas every other vehicle suffered from a massive decline.

Model Sales 2021 Sales 2022  % Change
Alto 53,887 66,427 +23%
Swift 1,820 12,833 +605%
Cultus 24,509 13,798 -44%
Wagon R 18,810 15,273 -19%
Bolan 10,850 8,557 -21%
Ravi 12,923 9,072 -30%
Total 122,799 125,960 +3%

Data compiled by Auto Journal

The above table shows that it was the newer models (Alto and Swift) that actually helped Pak Suzuki post a 3% improvement in overall sales compared to 2021. However, the rest of the lineup suffered from a colossal decline.

Swift blue 2

Despite being pricier than the preceding models, both these cars have been performing exceptionally well in terms of sales. Compared to their predecessors, both Alto and Swift are better equipped, fuel-efficient, more comfortable & spacious for passengers, and offer better driving dynamics.

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The success of Alto and Swift preaches us a few things. Newer and better products will always become successful among the people and it never justifies dragging the older ones thinking no new model can achieve similar results. Perhaps Pak Suzuki will experience similar results once it decides to bid farewell to the obsolete ones, especially the likes of 42+ years old Bolan and Ravi.

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