Pakistan to Introduce Much Needed Auto Industry Standards

At last Pakistan will initiate the process of standardizing its automobile sector. According to an announcement made by the Federal Minister for Science and Technology, Fawad Chaudhry on social media:

“Pakistan has initiated to make major reforms into standards, and after food and electronics, vehicles made in Pakistan will now be included in the standard system. In this regard a meeting has been called between All Pakistan Automobiles Association and all the stakeholders on 26th February.”

The development is welcome news for Pakistani consumers who often criticize the local auto industry for the poor quality of its cars, lack of safety features and sky high prices.

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For the last three decades, Pakistan auto sector is dominated by Toyota, Suzuki and Honda, often referred to as ‘Big 3’. The trio of Japanese auto manufacturers is often condemned by public for not introducing much needed improvements in its products, despite charging high prices. The trio also operates as a cartel in an oligopolistic manner by not introducing products that rival another in terms of price or segment.

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