Pakistanis Ranked as Safest Drivers in UAE in 2020

Yallacompare, a leading insurance platform in the UAE has named Pakistani drivers to be the safest in terms of road accidents. The company revealed that Pakistani drivers were found to be the best drivers with just 2.5% of them having made a claim in the past one year.

Lebanese, Filipino, Syrian and Jordanian drivers secured the second, third, fourth and fifth spots, respectively. According to Jonathan Rawling, CFO, Yallacompare:

“It’s interesting to discover that according to our user-declared data, Pakistani drivers were the best in the UAE in 2020, from the point of view of making insurance claims.”

However, the most important thing for insurance buyers to understand is that it is essential to ensure that anything you declare to an insurance company or broker is true. If any statements are later found to be false, any claim could be reduced or denied. Never attempt to save money by making incorrect statements, the CFO added.

In 2020, only 3.8% of the insurance platform’s customers made a claim for the past 12 months, compared to 8% during the same period in 2019. The reduction can be attributed to the decline in the number of people who drove cars in the past year due to the country’s national sterilization program that lasted for several months, along with the work-from-home policy for both public and private sectors.

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