PM Imran Khan to Meet Tesla Executives to Discuss Launching EVs in Pakistan

Javed Afridi who created a buzz earlier this month asking for his followers’ opinion regarding the introduction of Tesla in Pakistan has now revealed that Prime Minister Imran Khan himself will be meeting with Tesla executives to discuss the launch of electric cars in the country.

According to renowned TV anchor & journalist Sabir Shakir, Javed Afridi already had a couple of meetings with Tesla executives who have expressed an interest in investing in the Pakistani automotive market. However, the greatest development is that PM Imran Khan himself will meet the executives from Tesla and discuss the possibility of introducing electric cars in Pakistan.

Pakistan recently approved the first-ever electric vehicle policy in a bid to promote EVs in the country. The policy offers various incentives on electric vehicles, which includes:

  • No Additional Customs Duty (ACD) on the import of EVs
  • No Advanced Sales Tax (AST) on the import of EVs
  • Only 1% tax levied on the import of EV parts for manufacturers
  • Only 1% sales tax for locally made EVs up to 50kwh and light commercial vehicles up to 150 kwh
  • Only 1% duty on import of charging equipment
  • No Federal Excise Duty (FED) on EVs
  • Duty free import of plant and machinery for manufacturing of EVs
  • No registration and annual renewal fee for EVs in Islamabad

Reportedly, the government is also working on to set up EV charging infrastructure across the country to help boost the use of electric vehicles. Furthermore government is also planning electrification of the public transport sector which will see nearly 40% of public buses to be converted into EVs with the next 10 years.

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Responding to the news coverage, Javed Afridi has tweeted “InshaAllah” to further accentuate his ambitions on the introduction of EVs. Whether Tesla will actually step in our market, we will have to wait to find out, but the developments are interesting for sure.

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