Poland’s First National Car Izera to Use Geely’s SEA EV Platform

Chinese auto giant Geely has signed a licensing agreement with ElectroMobility Poland (EMP) to supply them its Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA) platform to develop a series of electric cars for EMP’s new Izera brand. Geely will also be EMP’s technology partner for this project.

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EMP is backed by the Polish government and essentially Izera will be Poland’s first domestic brand in generations. EMP’s website says Poland is the largest European sales market for new cars without its own homegrown car brand so the Izera can be a catalyst for the development of Polish auto part and component manufacturers. Interestingly, despite not having a domestic car brand, the auto parts industry is already the second largest industrial sector in Poland.

The first vehicle that Izera will be developing on Geely’s SEA platform is a compact crossover SUV, which is undoubtedly one of the most popular body types of current era. This will be followed by a C-segment wagon as well as a hatchback in later stages.

EMP would be the first direct external user of the SEA platform and will be building Izera cars at its own plant in Jaworzno in Poland, employing 2,400 people. The presence of a domestic car brand is seen as the need of the day in Poland. An extract from the official website reads:

“The creation of Polish brand of electric cars can benefit everyone: drivers, large companies, entrepreneurs and the Polish state, among others. As regards the justification of the investment in the project, the question should not be whether we can afford to invest in such an enterprise, but whether we can afford to abandon the efforts to create it.”

EMP Izera EV concepts

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