Prince DFSK Prices Reduced by up to Rs 300,000

Regal Automobiles has reduced the prices of its Prince and DFSK vehicles by up to Rs 300,000. According to the company, as Pak Rupee is gaining strength against the US Dollar, it wants to pass on this effect to its valued customers.

The price reduction has been implemented on selected models. The flagship Glory 580 Pro after a reduction of Rs 300,000 is now available for PKR 58.0 lac. It was previously available for PKR 61.0 lac. The price of Glory 580 1.5L CVT and 1.8L CVT have remains unchanged.

The price of the Prince Pearl hatchback has been reduced by Rs 250,000 after which it now costs PKR 14.99 lac instead of PKR 15.34 lac. Lastly the price of DFSK K07 van has also been reduced by Rs 100,000. The K07 is now available for PKR 24.69 lac instead of PKR 25.69 lac.

These prices have been reduced for a limited time only, which means if the Rupee again depreciates against the Dollar, the prices will go. Still, it’s a welcome gesture by the company to pass on the benefit to its customers.

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