PSO Starts Selling Upgraded Petrol in Pakistan

Pakistan State Oil (PSO) has started selling improved quality petrol and HOBC fuel ahead of its nationwide sale over the next three to four days.

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According to a company spokesman, the upgraded petrol, which PSO now calls Altron Premium would remain available at current price till regulator announced new rates, however the price of deregulated HOBC, under the new name of Altron X High Performance, will go up by Rs 5 to 7 per liter.


According to the company, these fuels will:

  • Give better mileage
  • Improve engine performance
  • Provide more engine power
  • Enhance engine efficiency and reliability

The quality standard of Altron Premium is RON 92. PSO was previously selling RON 87 under the name of Premier XL Gasoline. The quality of Altron X High Performance which is PSO’s replacement to the HOBC would be RON 95/97.


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