Is it the Right Time for Honda Atlas to Introduce the 6th Gen City in Pakistan?

It is being rumored that Honda Atlas is planning to launch the 6th Generation City by the end of this year. They have been selling us the 5th generation model since 2009, which in January 2018 has entered its 10th year of production in Pakistan.

The 5th generation City was already replaced with the 6th gen in international markets in 2013, and after 4 years, has received a thorough makeover in January 2017. Which means that the 6th generation City facelift is already in its 2nd year in global markets and is likely to be replaced by 7th gen in 2019.

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Earlier in January 2018, Paultan published some suggestive renderings of the next generation City inspired by Honda’s current design language with a prominent ‘flying wing’ chrome bar and U-shaped grille.

Now when it’s clear that Honda in global markets is readying the next generation City, it doesn’t make sense for Honda Atlas to launch a 5+ year old model here in 2018. If so, the local 6th gen Honda City will again become an old generation model, when the 7th generation arrives in international markets.

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Perhaps there will be yet another facelift of the 5th generation City, to keep it alive for another year or so, we will have to wait to find out. As it makes more sense to skip the 6th generation City and launch the 7th gen when its available internationally by 2019.

What is your opinion? Do you think Honda Atlas should introduce the sixth gen City in 2018 or bring the seventh gen in 2019? Let us know with your feedback..

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