Safety is Honda’s Top Priority- But Not You City!

Honda Pakistan has recently started to offer free Takata airbag inflator replacement as part of notorious Takata airbag recalls– one of the biggest recall campaigns in history that affected millions of vehicles globally due to malfunctioning inflators that resulted in exploding airbags causing numerous injuries & fatalities.

Although simply a recall, the company in its marketing exercise captioned the campaign as “Your Safety is Our Top Priority” but hilariously the tagline goes against Honda’s own products in Pakistan. The 5th generation Honda City which is now two generation behind its global model & is being assembled since last 13 years in Pakistan is one of the most under-equipped cars being sold in the country that comes without a single airbag on offer in its entire lineup– even the priciest 1.5L Aspire version that cost PKR 2.9 million.

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Lately Honda Atlas is in hot waters with diminishing market share in presence of newer, modern, safer and better equipped products whereas the City which was once known as the segment leader is being heavily criticized for being outdated, overpriced and feature-less car in this day and age without any modern active & passive safety equipment on offer.

The top-spec 1.5L Honda City Aspire in Pakistan

If safety is really Honda’s top priority, they should have a look at their aging City sedan in Pakistan and work hard to justify their tagline by offering modern safety equipment & updating the vehicle to meet the global standards.

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5th gen City that is being sold in our country got retired from the rest of the world some 7 years ago. Pakistan is currently the only market in the world to have this model on sale. The City is currently two generations ahead in global markets with the current model making its world debut in November 2019 and is already in its 2nd year of production.

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