Selecting the Right Car Color

When you are out to buy a car it is very important to choose the right color. Although deciding on a car’s color is not as important as selecting a particular brand or an engine, it can, however, affect the car’s value in the long run.

Metallic colors tend to last longer compared to non-metallic ones, that’s why car manufacturers often charge an extra amount if you select a metallic color. If your car has a metallic color, chances are, it can fetch a higher price if you decide to sell it in the future.

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It is a general rule of thumb that light-colored cars are easy to maintain compared to darker ones. Particularly when you live in dusty areas, keeping a dark-colored car clean is always a tough ask. However, it is generally believed that darker colors tend to enhance the persona of a car and render a bolder appearance.

Car makers sometimes use bold colors to help establish a new model in the public’s mind. One example is the Cerulean Blue in Pak Suzuki Cultus. It’s actually quite a unique color but when buying a just-launched car, don’t be carried away by what seems exciting but is just a marketing gimmick; it could be obsolete in a few years’ time. In the past, you may have observed several unique colors that were introduced with the newly launched cars but after some time they were discontinued thus leaving the owners with a dismal resale value of their cars in the used-car market.

Safe Colors

White, black, silver, and grey are considered safe colors. These are also labeled as universal colors as they are popular in every corner of the world. These colors have generally a decent resale value and are considered easy to keep & maintain as well as repainting- should you need to get a body repair work done.

Out-of-market colors

As mentioned above car makers may use bold colors to help establish a new model in the public’s mind. However, when the goal is reached, the manufacturer simply discontinues the color and that has a negative impact on the resale value of the car.

In addition, there are colors popular in specific countries and may not be preferred here in our market. Particularly when you are buying an imported car you will come across several unusual colors ranging from soapy green to orange and girly magentas to even baby pink! You may however strike a good deal in terms of price by opting for an out-of-market color, but it’s always a nightmare to sell one!

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Below are some of the popular colors among car buyers:


One of the easiest colors to maintain. However, on the downside it misses the ‘exclusivity’ factor as a sheer number of cars are found in white color. Also, there are different shades of white available, Indus Motors alone is offering 2 different shades of white. Plus there are metallic versions of white found among used JDM imports too.


It is a very popular color but has been observed that generally new-car buyers prefer black as it is extremely tough to keep black in its prime state, it loses interest among used-car buyers. Generally, a black car will fetch a decent resale value within the first 5/6 years of its life.


It is loved for its elegance and simple maintenance. The fading effect is hardly evident on silver cars so it’s popular among used-car buyers and keeps the resale value of your car at its peak. A few years ago people believed silver to be dull and unimaginative but in recent years it’s undoubtedly the most popular color in demand.


Has been a popular color every time. Grey is also considered a sober yet safer color with a neutral hue. The metallic versions of grey have been around for quite some time with different names in our market. It is a popular color in both local as well as imported cars.


Other than the above, a beige metallic color is also considered easy to maintain. The dirt effect is less evident on this car, however as the car gets old the fading is more visible compared to silver. Over the period of time, local manufactures have offered this color at different times but the popularity among buyers is relatively low.

There were other colors that were once extremely popular among car buyers but lost their charm over the years. However, it is always important to pay attention to the exterior and color of the car. Never keep your car standing in direct sunlight for a prolonged period of time, cars that are usually parked under direct scorching sunlight all day long, tend to lose color quite rapidly. Also, use proper car washing methods as using ordinary detergents will also deteriorate the color of your vehicle.

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Given a chance to buy, which color will you go for? Let us know with your comments.

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