Sportage Leading the Global Kia Sales

Kia Sportage, considered as the most successful product in South Korean automaker’s lineup is once again living well up to its reputation contributing with highest global sales for the month of September 2020.

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Kia announced to have sold 260,023 units of its vehicles around the world in September 2020 which is 10.3% more than it did in the same month a year earlier. The Sportage SUV remained the top-selling car across the world with 33,999 units followed by relatively new Seltos SUV which made its world debut last year, posted an impressive 31,144 units sales in September while the new K5 sedan was at the third place with 25,635 units sold across the globe.

Back in its home market, Kia saw 21.9% increase from a year earlier with 51,211 units, driven by strong sales of the Carnival luxury MPV the latest generation of which debuted in August and has received overwhelming response.

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Kia’s sales in overseas markets increased by 7.7% from a year earlier to 208,812 units, thanks to encouraging sales of its SUVs including Sportage, Seltos and the newly launched Sonet which saw record-breaking bookings in India and sold more than 9,000 units within just 12 days of its launch.

Kia expects even better results in terms of global sales in future as car sales around the world are recovering after COVID-19 disruption. The company has also unveiled the latest generation of Sorento SUV in USA which is expected to go on sale towards the end of this year & will begin reaching other global markets thereafter. With the world inundated with SUV craze, Kia is enjoying handsome sales primarily due to a vast variety of quality SUVs present in its lineup which other automakers currently lack.

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In Pakistan too, the Sportage is leading the flag for the South Korean automaker with sales up to 1,500 units a month as per unofficial sources, whereas the company is in process of introducing up to 3 more SUVs before July 2021 to avail the benefits of Auto Policy 2016-21. With presence of more SUVs in its lineup, Kia is aiming to entice sedan consumers into buying compact SUVs and is likely going to trouble the existing players with their conventional lineup.

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