Supreme Court Stops Sindh from Importing 400 Luxury Vehicles

Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed on Thursday said that the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) is spending billions of rupees arbitrarily. During the hearing of the corona suo motu notice case in Supreme Court, the Chief Justice remarked:

“It is not known how the NDMA is working; is there any monitoring on the NDMA expenditure?”

The Chief Justice said that the details related to machinery, medicines, import and other goods were not satisfactory. Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed also questioned how Sindh government could spend Rs 4 billion on purchasing 400 luxury vehicles. The cost of one vehicle is 11.6 million.  The Prime Minister and Federal Government seems to have no writ in this province, he said.

“We will not allow the import of such luxury vehicles.”

It must be the people who are governing the province who would’ve asked for these cars, he remarked. The Chief Justice then ordered Sindh Government to deposit Rs 4 billion with the Supreme Court.  Sindh government does not have the money to clean the drains of Karachi, but is spending hefty amount in purchasing luxury vehicles in large numbers. The court has ordered Sindh government to arrange for funds to clean drains in the province.

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Chief Justice questioned: “Are Punjab, KP and Balochistan ordering such vehicles?” To this, the Advocate General replied that other provinces were not ordering such luxury vehicles.

21 brand new Toyota Hilux Revo purchased by Sindh government to combat locust infestation.

Earlier this month, the social media went ablaze when Sindh government purchased 21 brand new Toyota Hilux Revo double-cabin 4×4 vehicles for Rs 157 million to combat locust infestation. While Sindh faces a lack of medical supplies and equipment fighting coronavirus, the massive amount spent on 4×4 vehicles was termed as a ‘waste of money’.

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Cars purchased for different projects, once they are done with, are usually taken by politicians and bureaucrats alike. As per earlier reports 626 vehicles previously with the Sindh Govt were now missing. Nobody knows where they went.

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