Suzuki Swift Goes Airborne in Poland

Accidents do occur wherever there are automobiles, but some happen in such a way that the incident becomes viral on the internet & social media regardless of where it has occurred.

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One such incident was recently captured in the village of Rąbień, Poland where the driver of a Suzuki Swift sped into a raised roundabout vaulting the car several feet into the air as a result. Luckily however, he escaped the incident alive.

According to local authorities, the Suzuki Swift collided with a number of buildings in a nearby cemetery before it landed on the ground in a crumpled heap. According to local media reports, firefighters had to cut open what remained of the crashed vehicle, to rescue the conscious driver. Local police said the 41-year old driver smelled strongly of alcohol and was taken for a blood test.

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While the CCTV footage didn’t capture the Swift’s fall, police shared a photo of the aftermath of the accident showing the totally damaged car. However according to the pictures, all the airbags were deployed successfully and the driver who must have been wearing seatbelts was sure fortunate enough to walk away from such a deadly accident.

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