Tesla Model Y Broke 50+ Years Best Selling Car Record in Norway

Tesla Model Y has just smashed a 53-year old sales record in Norway. According to the official data, so far this year, 16,921 units (as of 23rd December) of Model Y were registered in the Scandinavian country.

That’s the highest number of new registrations during a single year since 1969, when 16,699 Volkswagen Beetle were registered. And the month is not over yet so the figure is expected to go even higher – potentially over 17,000 units in year 2022. Tesla also confirmed the achievements on its Twitter account:

Tesla Model Y is having an outstanding year in Norway. So far in December 2022, around 4,000 units were already registered (and counting), which will also be its new monthly sales record. Tesla Model Y is the top model with a market share reaching 10%, which means that every tenth new car in Norway is specifically a Model Y.

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Government incentives like tax reductions and subsidies, as well as lower fees for using the road are the reasons for why the electric car market in Norway is growing at a rapid pace. Among the European countries, Norway has the highest rate of newly registered electric cars. Around 25,000 units of new Tesla Model Y have been registered in Norway this year, whereas 23,604 EVs by Volkswagen Group including around 11,000 units of VW ID4, around 7,500 units of Skoda Enyaq iV and 5,500 units of Audi Q4 e-tron were registered in Norway during the current year.

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