The All New MG One Unveiled

The all-new MG One coupe SUV has just been unveiled in China. This is MG’s latest crossover SUV positioned for global markets which is built on company’s latest Sigma modular platform.

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The MG One will have two front designs. The first model is called Alpha- the Orange colored one, with a tungsten grille in a lightning pattern is supposed to be a sportier version of the car. The other one is named Beta, shown in military green color with large three-dimensional horizontal spoked grille.

MG One 2

The rest of the body remains same with sides, featuring a coupe-like design with the roof tapering downwards towards the rear. Adding to the look are double waistline, prominent haunches, cladding around the wheel arches and lower doors, floating roof and sporty dual-tone wheels. Towards the back, there is a roof-mounted spoiler, along with sleek tail-lamps with LED elements.

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In terms of dimensions the MG One measures 4,579 mm long, 1,866 mm wide and 1,601 mm tall while having a 2,670 mm wheelbase. For the sake of comparison, its marginally longer than the HS crossover we have here (4,574mm), but is less wider and stands shorter than the HS (w: 1,876mm/ h: 1,664mm).

The MG One

MG hasn’t revealed the interior of the One SUV however it will get a a 1.5-liter turbocharged 15C4E petrol engine producing 181 horsepower. The MG One SUV will feature an “advanced electric architecture”, an “active digital ecosystem” and “hardcore software technology”. As per information, the One SUV will be loaded with the latest features from semi-autonomous tech to the latest infotainment and connected car technologies.

MG will release more details on the One SUV when it goes on sale starting from Chinese market later this year.

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