The Ifs & Buts Regarding Honda HR-V Launch in Pakistan

Honda Atlas was on the verge of introducing the new HR-V crossover in Pakistan however recently some reports surfaced regarding the delay in launch of the new HR-V in Pakistan citing economic & other troubles.

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Following this, some auto portals claim the report to be fake. The media is now divided with few claiming that the launch plans have been deferred while some saying the HR-V will be launched as per plans. The company however on its social handles is still seen running teaser campaigns with “Coming Soon” caption.

So far there is no official announcement from Honda Atlas negating the news regarding the postponement, nor it has officially revealed a specific launch date of HR-V which leaves consumers in a state of confusion. But the most concerning thing is the fact that Honda is cutting production in Japan for some of its most popular vehicles due to ongoing supply chain issues and a semiconductor shortage.

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According to Reuters, Honda is cutting back vehicle production by up to 40% at its Saitama plant in Japan and 20% at a factory in Suzuka. The cutbacks will affect the production of its CR-V, Jazz/Fit, the Honda e, as well as the new HR-V.

In Philippines, the deliveries of HR-V have been delayed because of “a global parts shortage that continues to hamper production volume” according to a statement issued by Honda Cars Philippines Inc. (HCPI). The situation has gotten so bad that HCPI is recommending the people waiting in line for the HR-V to consider the rest of its line-up.

Posted on the company’s social media page, the statement reads:

“Please accept our sincerest appreciation for your loyalty to Honda. As we remain committed to providing our customers with world-class vehicles, we are appealing for more understanding on the delayed arrival of the All-New Honda HR-V. This has been due to a global parts shortage that continues to hamper production, and the arrival schedule remains uncertain. We sincerely apologize for this situation. Rest assured that our customers’ welfare is foremost in our minds. For your mobility needs, we offer the rest of our model line-up which we assure you are up to global standards.”

Besides global supply chain issues, the import restriction enforced by the State Bank of Pakistan is another major concern among the auto consumers. Due to the restrictions on the import of CKD parts, most assemblers are forced to observe plant shutdowns due to lack of required parts in hand. Since the production of currently available models is already hampered, its equally worrying for the auto consumers regarding the smooth deliveries of a newly launched vehicle.

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Its not important at this stage for anyone to argue whether Honda will launch the HR-V or not. The question is, even if the crossover is formally launched, will the company be in a position to timely deliver the booked units in wake of supply chain issues as well as import restrictions?

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