Top 10 Best-Selling Electric Vehicles in 2017

It is said that electric cars are the future of automobiles. Automakers are rapidly working on EV technology while most governments have already passed laws to ban internal combustion engines after few years.

Global electric vehicles (EV) sales created a record high in December 2017 with more than 170,000 vehicles delivered, and the figure surged 67% compared to the same period in 2016, according to EV Sales.

Last year, the electric vehicles sold 1.22 million more units globally, an increase of 58% year-on-year. A prediction from Bloomberg said global EV sales will be close to 1.5 million units in 2018, and half of them will sell to China, which is currently the biggest EV market.

Here are the top 10 best selling EV models from 2017.

10. Chevrolet Bolt
Sales: 27,982

9. BYD Song PHEV
Sales: 30,920

8. BMW i3
Sales: 31,410

7. Renault Zoe
Sales: 31,932

6. Zhi Dou D2
Sales: 42,342

5. Tesla Model X
Sales: 46,535

4. Nissan Leaf
Sales: 47,195

3. Toyota Prius Prime/PHV
Sales: 50,830

2. Tesla Model S
Sales: 54,715

1. BAIC EC-Series
Sales: 78,079

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