Toyota Announces Another Price Revision After 25% GST Imposed

An absolute mockery of car prices in Pakistan continues as Indus Motor Company (IMC) the assemblers of Toyota cars in the country announced yet another price hike of the year.

The latest increase which is the 5th during the last 70 days since the beginning of this calendar year, comes in wake of the 25% GST recently imposed by the government.

After the increase, the price of the 1.3L Toyota Yaris has now reached PKR 49.99 lac whereas the top-spec 1.5L Yaris Ativ X now comes available for PKR 57.69 lac. The price of the 1.6L Toyota Corolla Altis has now reached PKR 74.29 lac while the flagship Altis X Grande (black interior) now retails at PKR 77.99 lac.

Toyota price 5

As for IMVs, the price of the Hilux 4×4 has now reached PKR 94.19 lac while the Hilux Revo variants are now priced between PKR 124.09 lac for the G MT variant and PKR 151.79 lac for the flagship Revo Rocco. Lastly, the Toyota Fortuner now retails between PKR 158.09 lac and PKR 201.29 lac for the petrol, and flagship Legender variants respectively.

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With this, the “locally assembled” Fortuner Legender has now officially joined the Rs 2 crore club! While Toyota, as well as Kia, have already revised their prices including the 25% GST, other assemblers are likely to announce their price revisions soon. This is set to cause a major dent in the already ailing sales of locally assembled cars in the country Stay tuned to CarSpiritPK for more information on the latest car prices in Pakistan.

Toyota Yaris Price in Pakistan

Variant Old Price (PKR) New Price (PKR) Difference (PKR)
Toyota Yaris 1.3 GLi MT 4,316,000 4,499,000 183,000
Toyota Yaris 1.3 GLi CVT 4,588,000 4,789,000 201,000
Toyota Yaris 1.3 ATIV MT 4,558,000 4,759,000 201,000
Toyota Yaris 1.3 ATIV CVT 4,790,000 4,999,000 209,000
Toyota Yaris 1.5 ATIV X MT 4,911,000 5,429,000 518,000
Toyota Yaris 1.5 ATIV X CVT 5,213,000 5,769,000 556,000

Toyota Corolla Altis X Price in Pakistan

Variant Old Price (PKR) New Price (PKR) Difference (PKR)
Toyota Corolla 1.6 MT 5,576,000 6,169,000 593,000
Toyota Corolla 1.6 CVT 6,111,000 6,769,000 658,000
Toyota Corolla 1.6 Special Edition 6,716,000 7,429,000 713,000
Toyota Corolla 1.8 CVT 6,423,000 7,119,000 696,000
Toyota Corolla 1.8 CVT SR 6,998,000 7,759,000 761,000
Toyota Corolla 1.8 CVT SR BLK 7,039,000 7,799,000 760,000

Toyota Hilux Revo Price in Pakistan

Variant Old Price (PKR) New Price (PKR) Difference (PKR)
Hilux Revo STD 10,316,000 11,439,000 1,123,000
Hilux Revo G MT 11,184,000 12,409,000 1,225,000
Hilux Revo G AT 11,728,000 13,019,000 1,291,000
Hilux Revo V 12,969,000 14,389,000 1,420,000
Hilux Revo V AT ROCCO 13,675,000 15,179,000 1,504,000

Toyota Fortuner Price in Pakistan

Variant Old Price (PKR) New Price (PKR) Difference (PKR)
Toyota Fortuner G 4x2L 14,230,000 15,809,000 1,579,000
Toyota Fortuner V 4×4 16,297,000 18,099,000 1,802,000
Toyota Fortuner Sigma 17,175,000 19,079,000 1,900,000
Toyota Fortuner Legender 18,112,000 20,129,000 2,017,000

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