Toyota Car Prices Increased Yet Again

So the impact of Pak Rupee hitting record-low against US Dollar has started to show its colors with Indus Motor Company (IMC) making a massive increase in prices of its local assembled products. The prices are revised from Rs 287,000 to up to Rs 1,257,000 depending on the model & variant.

The revised prices will take into effect step-wise from 23rd March 2022. The breakdown is as follows:

  • All orders till 22nd March 2022, booked against full payment on or before 10th April 2022 and delivery time of June 2022 will pay the old prices.
  • Bookings with full payments received by dealerships on or before 10th March, irrespective of committed delivery month, will be invoiced at previous prices.
  • Booking with initial partial payments received by dealerships on or before 10th March 2022, with committed delivery of July 22 & onwards, with full payments against such bookings before 10th May 2022, will be invoiced at 50% increased prices.

Toyota prices 2022

The prices of Toyota Yaris have witnessed an increase of up to Rs 324,000 after which the base 1.3 MT variant will cost PKR 28.99 lac whereas the flagship 1.5L Ativ X CVT will cost PKR 34.99 lac. The Corolla variants have witnessed a surge of up to Rs 490,000 after which the 1.6L Altis MT has reached PKR 37.49 lac whereas the price of flagship Altis Grande CVT SR with Black interior has reached PKR 46.89 lac.

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Similarly, Hilux Revo with an increase of up to Rs 847,000 now cost PKR 46.09 lac for standard single cabin 4×2, PKR 61.09 lac for 4×4 standard, PKR 76.59 lac for Hilux Revo G MT, and PKR 93.19 lac for top-spec Revo V Rocco. The Fortuner base variant is now available for PKR 94.99 lac whereas the flagship Fortuner Legender will now cost PKR 120.99 lac.

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