Toyota Discontinues Yaris Lineup in USA

Toyota has announced to discontinue the Yaris lineup including the sedan & the hatchback in USA. According to Toyota North America Communications Manager Christine Henley:

The Yaris sedan and Yaris hatchback will not be available for 2021. Model year 2020 will be the last year for the Yaris. June 2020 will be the last month of production for the Yaris Sedan and Yaris hatchback for the United States. They will continue to be on sale through the summer and into the fall depending on sell down.”

Toyota Yaris lasted in the American market for 15 years. Sales in the US market topped in 2008 with 102,328 units sold. However in comparison just 21,916 units were sold in year 2019, whereas only 2,416 units sold so far this year.

The current generation Yaris that’s available in US isn’t the same as we get in our part of the world. The US-spec Yaris is apparently based on Mazda-2, which is also known as Mazda Demio in certain markets. Toyota’s version however, has a massive grille upfront differentiating itself from the signature rotary grille of its Mazda sibling. The interior, apart from steering wheel off course, is exactly the same as Mazda-2.

While we get the 3rd generation Yaris sedan in Pakistan, the Japanese automaker launched the 4th generation TNGA based Yaris late last year. Currently the 4th gen Toyota Yaris range comprises of hatchback, the performance 3-door GR-Yaris as well as the Yaris Cross. As of now there is no news regarding the introduction of 4th generation Yaris range in the North American markets.

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