Toyota Found Fix for Wheel Issue that Caused bZ4X Recall

Toyota said it has found a fix for a defect that caused a recall of its first electric vehicle the bZ4X, months after the recall froze deliveries of the car and hurt the automaker’s nascent efforts to electrify its range.

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Considered as being a laggard in the EV market, Toyota recalled 2,700 bZ4X EVs globally in June, less than two months after the model was launched, because of a risk of wheels coming loose. The recall also affected the sister product Subaru Solterra.

Japan’s safety regulator said in June that sharp turns and sudden braking could cause a hub bolt to loosen, raising the risk of a wheel coming off the vehicle, which analysts had said was a simple and inexpensive problem to fix. However now Toyota said in a filing with Japan’s transport ministry that it would make sure hub bolts were replaced and properly tightened in new cars.

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The company also said it had identified and fixed a potential problem with airbags in the car, making sure that curtain-shield airbags designed to prevent head injuries in a crash were properly installed. That problem had not been identified before. The production of the EVs has now been resumed and both Toyota bZ4X and its twin sister the Subaru Solterra will soon begin reaching the dealerships.

bZ4X red

Toyota has faced severe criticism from environmental groups and investors who want the company to move faster to adopt electrification. The Japanese automaker however holds the opinion that it needed to offer car choices to suit different markets and customers.

Source: US News

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