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Toyota Set to Launch its Solid State Battery in 2021

Toyota is all set to launch its “game-changing” solid-state battery in 2021. According to Nikkei Asia, the Japanese automaker plans to be the first to sell solid-state battery-powered electric vehicles (EVs) this decade. Toyota will be unveiling a prototype in 2021 & promises that the new battery will “be a game-changer not just for electric vehicles, but for the entire industry.”

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Solid-state batteries are expected to become a viable alternative to the usual lithium-ion units that are found in most electric vehicles today. These new power packs offer greater energy density as well as lower risks of fire.

According to Toyota, its newly developed batteries can also enable a maximum EV range of 500km in a full single charge and a zero to 100% charging time of just 10 minutes, “all with minimal safety concerns.” Toyota says with these new batteries, its EVs will boast a maximum range that’s double of what it would have been able to achieve with a traditional lithium-ion battery—and this is achieved without legroom being compromised to accommodate a larger battery pack.

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Toyota isn’t the only automaker that’s betting on the solid-state batteries. Volkswagen is expected to begin battery production by 2025 whereas Nissan is also planning to build a non-simulation vehicle by 2028.

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