Toyota Supplier Denso Under a Ransomware Attack

Toyota’s key supplier Denso was the target of a ransomware attack, coming as the second cyberattack against Toyota or its supplier recently.

According to Japan Times, a group of hackers called Pandora says it has stolen classified data from Denso and has posted a message on the dark web on Sunday afternoon, saying while demanding a ransom that it had stolen more than 157,000 items. Pandora says the 1.4 terabytes of data belonging to the Toyota Motor group firm includes purchase orders, emails and drawings. Pandora also threatens to release data if the demand is not met.

Denso told NHK that it had confirmed unauthorized access to the network of its business base in Germany and is looking into whether the access would affect operations. This is not the first time an automotive company faced such a ransomware attack. Previously several automakers and their suppliers have become targets for cyberattacks. Such attacks not only endangers the automaker’s crucial classified data but disrupt the overall operations as well.

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Recently Toyota already had to suspend operations at all its plants in Japan after one of its suppliers was hit by a cyberattack. The Japanese automaker had been relatively resilient to supply chain snags through most of the pandemic. However, it announced a production cut in Japan a few days ago and said that it would cut the company’s Japan production output by 20% in April, 10% in May and 5% in June.

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