Toyota to Launch Yaris Ativ Hybrid in Thailand

Toyota launched the all-new Yaris Ativ sedan in Thailand in August 2022 and since then the latest B-segment sedan has reached several countries where it has been marketed both as Yaris as well as Vios.

While the new Yaris comes powered by a 1.5L engine in international markets, in Thailand it comes equipped with a 1.2L naturally-aspirated engine specifically to comply with Thailand’s eco-car regulations. The 3NR-VE four-cylinder petrol engine makes 93 hp and 110 Nm as standard for all variants. The E20-compliant Dual VVT-iE DOHC engine is paired with a Super CVT-i gearbox and delivers up to 23.3 km in a liter as claimed by the company while meeting Euro 5 emission standards.

yaris ativ bms

Now however to strengthen in position in the market and to compete well against its arch-rival Honda City which comes with an e:HEV hybrid variant in Thailand, Toyota is in process of introducing the Yaris Ativ 1.5L Hybrid e-Smart in the Thai market. The system will likely be the same that is already deployed in the Daihatsu Rocky/ Toyota Raize.

rocky esmart
Daihatsu Rocky e-Smart

Although Toyota is yet to reveal official figures for the Daihatsu-sourced hybrid setup in the new Yaris Ativ, according to sources it will provide better power and better fuel efficiency than the current 1.2L economical unit which is known to be rather sluggish when it comes to performance.

2021 Daihatsu Rocky eSmart Hybrid 10
Daihatsu Rocky e-Smart Hybrid system

In terms of appearance, the new Yaris Ativ e-Smart hybrid will remain pretty much unchanged apart from hybrid badges on the outside & a different digital information cluster inside. The Toyota Yaris Ativ e-Smart hybrid is expected to be introduced in Thailand towards the third quarter of this year & will be priced above the 1.2L gasoline model.

yaris ativ space

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