Toyota Unveils 2 New bZ Series Models at 2023 Auto Shanghai

After having launched the bZ4X electric SUV globally and the bZ3 EV sedan in China, Toyota has unveiled two pure-electric concept models, the bZ Sport Crossover Concept and bZ FlexSpace Concept, at Auto Shanghai, which started on April 18, 2023.

The concept vehicles are being created as part of the Toyota bZ (Beyond Zero) series, a BEV-focused brand. They are two of the 10 BEV vehicles that Toyota wants to release by 2026, and they will debut in the Chinese market in 2024.

toyota new bz

Like the bZ3 sedan, the bZ Sport Crossover Concept is a crossover-type BEV with active and distinctive styling, the production version of which will be jointly developed by Toyota and BYD as part of a collaboration between two companies that will see BYD developing core EV components for Toyota EVs.

Toyota bZ Sport Crossover Concept 

The design embraces the notion of a change in tempo as soon as you get in and starts driving. It has been developed with features that offer a private space for the younger customer base, or Generation Z, in addition to its active, iconic aesthetic. The bZ Sport Crossover Concept is also being designed with sophisticated technologies like driver assistance and smart parking so that owners may continue to experience the most modern car with all five senses after purchase.

Toyota bZ FlexSpace Concept

The bZ FlexSpace Concept is a utility-focused SUV-type BEV that is geared toward families. The idea of this design is to create a “Cosy Home,” a place where families may spend time together safely, comfortably, and freely. A large cabin room, simplicity of use, cutting-edge safety, a dependable cruising range, and a number of intelligent features are all features of the bZ FlexSpace Concept. To make a daily living even more joyful, work is being done to develop an automobile that is perfect for families, groups of friends, and couples.

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Together with local partners, Toyota is stepping up the expansion of its BEV lineup in order to provide customers in China with greater-value products.

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