How Toyota Yaris in Pakistan is Better than the Indian Yaris

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Ever since the new Toyota Yaris was launched in Pakistan, the market has been talking and comparing the local assembled Yaris to different cars and models across the globe. While the buzz around the new vehicle is not surprising, it is interesting to see how the local Yaris is being compared to the Toyota Yaris manufactured in India.

As a matter of fact, Indian car market has no comparison with the Pakistani car market, yet Toyota keeps on offering new generation vehicles to the market which plays a major part in uplifting the Pakistani automotive industry. The launch of new Toyota Yaris is certainly among these steps.

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There are many factors included that make cars in India cheaper than the cars in Pakistan. The fact that the duty rate in Pakistan is much higher than the duty rate in India is one of the reasons for the high prices here. India has a higher localization whereas their duty rate varies from 15% to 30% while Pakistan’s rate of duty varies from 30% to 46%. The hourly wage on average in India is $0.61, while in Pakistan the hourly wage on average is $1.23 contributing to an increase in cost of production in Pakistan. Let’s compare Indian Yaris to Pakistani Yaris to identify the differences and their reasons.

The top-spec Toyota Yaris AtivX costs PKR 2,959,000 after the latest price increase, while the fully loaded Yaris in India costs INR 1,418,000 (PKR 3,133,780). Despite economies of scale, the Indian Yaris is expensive than Pakistan. But it has specifications that Pakistani Yaris misses, such as paddle shift, cruise control, projector headlamps, 7 airbags etc. Here is a brief comparison of Yaris in Pakistan & India.

Yaris Pakistan vs Yaris India: Features & Specifications:

From the above, we can see that Yaris in Pakistan and Yaris of India have similar specifications like smart entry, push start, 6 speakers, automatic climate control, steering wheels control, MID with 4.2-inch TFT screen as well as the tilt feature of the steering wheel. While Yaris Pakistan have features such as trunk chrome garnish, eco mode and sports mode switches in addition to the Indian version. While Yaris in India comes with cruise control and paddle shift, not offered in Pakistan.

Comparing in terms of safety, Yaris in Pakistan offers advanced safety features like vehicle stability control, hill start assist control and traction control as standard in all models. While India only offers these features in the high-grade variant. India however has 7 airbags, while Yaris comes with 2 airbags. It is interesting to identify, that no local sedan in Pakistan comes with 7 airbags.

To conclude, if we look at other cars in Pakistan in comparison to Indian vehicles, mostly the Pakistani vehicles lack in major features and are usually not equipped with advanced specifications like India. But after comparison, it’s good to see that Toyota Yaris in Pakistan in a reasonable price offers advanced features, more than that of other cars including Honda City as well as Toyota Corolla, both. What are your thoughts about this? Do let us know in the comments below.

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