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Toyota Yaris Thrashes Honda City & Civic Combined

Toyota Yaris continues on with its thumping sales performance against its Honda rivals. Having already dethroned City from the bestselling car in the subcompact sedan segment, Yaris has been outselling the combined number of Civic + City since many months now.

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Honda, which since 2014 is shy to disclose individual sales of City & Civic was able to sell 18,816 units of the duo as of the first 9 months of this fiscal year. Hypothetically, the monthly average turns out to be 9,408 units for each which means just around a thousand units per month.

On the other hand, Toyota has sold 21,720 units of Yaris in the same period averaging 2,413 units a month, which is more than twice of that of individual sales of City or Civic. In the same period Toyota has sold 13,255 units of Corolla averaging 1,472 units per month and even that’s more than the hypothetical average of 1,000 odd units of Civic & City.

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Honda of late has been suffering from poor sales primarily due to the new competition against City, which in addition to hot-selling Yaris is troubled by new & better equipped Changan Alsvin. Whereas Civic being too expensive is feeling the heat due to the presence of well-equipped crossover SUVs in the same price bracket.

Coming back to Yaris sales, the tally stood 27% higher than the combined number of Civic+City in the month of March 2021 with 3,317 units sold against 2,603 units of the Honda duo.

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The prime advantage the Yaris has over its rivals is the presence of Toyota badge, which is considered quite hard to beat in our market. With a strong nationwide network, good after sales support, easy availability of spare parts across the country & on top of everything else– the handsome resale factor, the Yaris which is currently the second bestselling car in Pakistan, continues to thrash its rivals with impressive sales.

Honda is reportedly in process of introducing a replacement of the 5th gen City which has been around since January 2009, however as per sources its possibly going to be the now-retired 6th gen model instead of the 7th gen that debuted back in November 2019. Whether the now-old 6th gen City will be able to compete against the hot-selling Yaris, we will have to wait to find out.

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