Up Close With the All-Electric GAC AION Hyper SSR

On 15th September 2022, GAC officially unveiled the first ever production all-electric supercar called AION Hyper SSR as well as its new brand identity at Cantonese Tower, Guangzhou, China.

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Commenting about the new logo, Fan Zhang, VP of GAC R&D and the head of design said:

“The releasing of the new logo and Hyper SSR is the realization of designers’ supercar dream, and represents the breakthrough of GAC R&D CENTER and AION in the high-end technology of EV cars.”

Pure & sleek exterior with striking proportions & stance

The striking proportion of the AION Hyper SSR is unmistakably a pure sports car. The Hyper SSR looks perfectly balanced and poised to hug the tarmac in front of it. From the low-slung front to the powerful stance of the rear, the AION Hyper SSR is striking to look at from any angle.

The overall design theme of the AION Hyper SSR takes inspiration from previous GAC concepts like the ENO.146 with a record-breaking cd value of 0.146 and the award-winning Enpulse. The exterior of AION Hyper SSR is designed in pure coupe form with a sleek, sexy, and dynamic body that appears to be sculpted by the wind. The bodyside is clean and architectural and incorporates a distinctive feature line name The Blade. This clean sheet metal design approach is intentional as it contrasts well with the technical aspects and details of the car.

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The visceral journey starts with the animated light show that welcomes you as you approach the Hyper SSR. The thin, yet distinctive LED DRL is meant to highlight the precision and hi-tech nature of the Hyper SSR. The powerful stance of the rear is complemented by the “Eagle Wing” linear light blade which dives into the diffusers echoing Formula 1 brake lights. The retractable spoiler increases downforce for vehicle stability at high speed.

The frameless “Sky” doors open and close automatically at your will, and make up a part of the visceral journey, providing something special every day. The turbine-inspired wheel utilizes sculpted carbon inserts as a contrast to the more technical design of the spokes. The body-colored accents help emphasize the intricate technical feeling of the wheel.

The body is constructed of high-strength carbon fiber, made possible by the use of an aviation-grade autoclave forming process, and has achieved the internal benchmark of 1.72 light weight index. Commenting on the design, Pontus Fontaeus, Executive Design Director of GAC Advanced Design Los Angeles said:

“The stunning and ultra-modern Hyper SSR is creating a significant milestone as the first and a new breed of the sustainable electric sports car. SSR takes inspiration from the racing pulse of your heartbeat, and from the burst of energy you will experience when the vehicle comes to life.”

Intelligent, driver-focused cockpit for high performance driving, infused with seamless Digital-First EV experience

The simple purity of the interior layout showcases a strong hierarchy of functions with easily identified purposes. It is a true and honest interpretation of form and function working together to highlight the simple and pure anatomy of a sports car.

The exoskeleton architecture concept of Hyper SSR features bi-level instrument panels – two separate parts integrated by structure design – emphasizing the lightness and driver-oriented nature of sports car. Various vehicle controls are integrated into the exposed tubular structures to further highlight the technical aspect of the Hyper SSR.

The racing-inspired, unique hexagon-shaped steering wheel features a stalk-less design, with all vehicle controls intuitively integrated into the steering wheel. The lightweight seats are designed for maximum support for spirited, high-performance driving, yet with the comfort for an everyday drive.

The interior of the AION Hyper SSR built for high-performance driving does not leave out the hi-tech, seamless EV experience expected from AION portfolio. It features a 14.6” center display screen that sits atop of structural lower IP for intuitive and seamless interaction and an 8.8” driver display screen for essential driving information. It is designed to be a digital native to provide a digital-first experience.

Sustainability than excites

The interior of AION Hyper SSR is constructed with materials that are free of any animal products and environmentally sustainable. The striking purple-to-blue Ombre Palette textile is developed with 3D weaving technology and features recycled yarns and fully biodegradable leather. The upper IP and seats are wrapped in vegan leather while the lower IP and seats are wrapped in bio-based suede material.

A project of global collaboration

“Behind such an unparalleled supercar, is the collaboration of design teams from Los Angeles, Milan, Shanghai, and Guangzhou Headquarters. On the basis of 16 years of technical accumulation of GAC R&D CENTER, and 3 years of the design process, it finally has become a reality,” proudly said Fan Zhang.

Measuring 4,538mm long, 1,988mm wide and 1,238mm tall, the AION Hyper SSR is China’s first production all-electric supercar with an acceleration of 0-100km/h in just 1.9 seconds. It has a Permanent Magnet Synchronous motor with a  high-energy-density NCM lithium-ion battery, and a high-performance dual electric motor setup producing a massive 1,225 horsepower.

The price of AION Hyper SSR and SSR Ultimate is 1.286 million RMB (approximately $182,000 USD) and 1.688 million RMB (approximately $239,000 USD) respectively. It will be produced and delivered in October 2023.

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