Update to a New Car Vs Upgrade to a Better Car

Regardless of how much you love your Suzuki Wagon R 2015, there comes a time in every car owner’s life when it’s time to say goodbye to your metallic buddy. Either your car has been giving out under the weight of time, or you want to give a pleasant update to your commute. What do you buy to give your ride a little spin of an outfit?

For many people, the answer will be simple, too simple actually.

“We love Wagon R; why don’t we get another one? A shining new Suzuki Wagon R replaces the previous beauty; an alluring “upgrade”?”

Well, no, it’s not. If you are one of those people that consider a new car an equivalent of an upgrade, I have a disappointing answer for you. Really, I have nothing against the same old lovable Suzuki, but upgrading isn’t the same as buying the same car considering make and model. What upgrading actually refers to is an improvement in the car’s performance, features or equipment, and how well it can cover up your requirements compared to the one before.

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Compared to the previous car you had, a truly upgraded car would have better comfort facilities, maybe more space, or be efficient in fuel consumption, looks, and/or performance. Not everyone indeed has an experimental and inquisitive nature. Once they get used to their humble ride, safety and familiarity no longer seem like options up for auction.


And I respect that. Yet, I also believe that change emphasizes drive in life. It can be scary to a degree, but isn’t it evolutionary once you get the hang of it? What is the best way to experience a change in the car world? An upgrade. Nothing wrong with the previous car, but with technology advancing with every possible moment, don’t end up missing out.

We’re not asking for the newer car to be dripping in finesse, but nothing wrong with better safety out on the roads either. Consider this: if you own a Honda City 2010 that you’ve been using for several years now, it might not contain modern safety features, or the aspects might lack efficiency (think airbags). In 2022, safety measures are significant aspects of vehicles, with more and more features climbing into cars.

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With such drastically hasty changes, you’d think an older version fails compared to the latest models. It is not always. However, it is always clever to stay feet ahead of facing such issues if you can. The next time you are up for buying a new car, make sure you try your best to make the car not only a new one but an upgraded one too.

How about getting a similar model with a few tweaks? Well, to be honest, we are aware that cars can easily rip a poor man off a few limbs. And if you are on a budget, then why not? But there’s another catch to it. Technology didn’t only improve the features. It also improves the prices. Therefore, there is a high chance that you will end up finding a better car in terms of features still.

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It is time to shift up your car game for all those holding onto the same model year on year, “upgrading” only to get the same car, just a new one. Change may be demanding, especially when you go to a higher level. However, in the long run, you realize the worth of it. Aiming for a better ride will always surpass the urge in terms of value to just buying the same version with the same structure and anatomy.

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