Volkswagen’s Nostalgic Type 2 Van to Relive as E-Bulli

The Volkswagen Type 2 van, also known as the Transporter, Kombi or Microbus, or informally, as Loaf of Bread was a popular light commercial vehicle introduced back in 1950 by the German automaker. It was Volkswagen’s second car model following the Type 1 (Beetle); it was given the factory designation Type 2.

While the vehicle was known with various names around the world, back in Germany they used to call it Bulli. Now the iconic van seems to be getting another life as Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is preparing an electrified version of the retro Type 2, dubbed as e-Bulli. Apart from the makeover, the vehicle will benefit from the powertrain and architecture from the latest available technology within the Volkswagen Group.

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According to Thomas Sedran, CEO of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles:

The ID. Buzz will be the Bulli of the future. With it, we will enter a new age of driving: The fully electric and digital Bulli will not just facilitate autonomous driving and product deliveries, even amid restrictions on vehicle access. Positioned between the Caddy and T-model, it will also create new markets and opportunities for our brand. The world is in motion. New technologies will enable new forms of mobility. What remains will be our need for the safer, more efficient and more comfortable transport of people and products. The ID. Buzz will stand for this, too.

On the outside, the e-Bulli, which is based on the upcoming ID Buzz that will launch in 2022, retains the classic looks of the original Type 2 van, but has a more modern approach with LED headlights that improve visibility at nighttime without compromising the design.

VW ID Buzz concept

The cabin will get solid wooden floors for a nautical theme, especially when combined with the large folding roof. The leather-wrapped seats and repositioned gear lever, which is now located between the two front occupants, complete the visual revision.

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The speedometer is based on the original part and features LEDs to display the selected gear for the automatic transmission (P, R, N and D), and a stylized Bulli symbol. Finally, a tablet has been integrated into the roof console and can be used to control different functions of the car or display information.

VW ID Buzz concept

Full details and images will be released in about a month’s time, on 25th March, when VW Commercial Vehicles will showcase the e-Bulli in a premiere at the 2020 Techno Classica, in Essen, where it will be joined by other electrified models.

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