What’s Cooking at Honda Atlas

Honda Atlas is on the verge of bringing something new to the market again, which is evident with recent teaser images on their website and social media.

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The recent update is captioned as ‘Accelerating Perfection’ with a close-up image of shark fin antenna on top of a vehicle that seems like a sedan. From the looks of it, the upcoming surprise can either be the re-launch of 1.5 liter Civic Turbo, production of which is currently halted, or the upgrade of Honda City.

Although no concrete information is available at this stage, many believe that the 6th generation Honda City which was long overdue for our market is finally about to make its way here. The 6th gen City which was launched in international markets back in 2013 has received a major facelift earlier this year. Perhaps Honda’s move of introducing the worthless facelift to the aging 5th gen City in Pakistan a couple of months ago was an attempt to clear out the stocks.

Sixth generation Honda City facelift

If it’s not the 6th gen City, then we may get ourselves ready to see yet another facelift for the 5th gen City in our market. The shark fin showed in the image doesn’t resemble the one available with Honda City in international markets, and the 5th gen was never available with a shark fin either. So Honda Atlas might be offering a custom made shark fin specifically for the City in our market.

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With the launch of the 11th generation Toyota Corolla facelift, Indus Motors (IMC) has jacked up the prices on all Corolla variants. Since our automobile market is controlled by 3 Japanese players operating in an oligopolistic manner, the price increase by IMC has created some room for Honda Atlas to raise the prices of Honda City, and they might cash in with minor updates in order to justify the price increase.

We will have to wait to find out what’s cooking at Honda Atlas this time. Stay tuned to CarSpiritPK for more updates on Honda’s accelerated perfection!

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