When Toyota Alphard Marries Nissan Dayz in China

Chinese automakers never stop amazing us. With their claim to fame of being master copycats, Chinese automakers first surfaced on the global automotive scene during the early 2000s with their true replicas of popular car models without any fear of copyright infringements.

While most of the mainstream Chinese automakers have stopped producing clone cars, some small-scale automakers are still busy producing replicas. The latest example is the Weiao Boma EV, a mini electric car with a seating capacity for four passengers. Weiao is a new energy vehicle brand under Hongri Electric Vehicle company. Interestingly, however, the emblem on the car reads Honri instead of Hongri.

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Front the front the Boma looks like a shrunken Toyota Alphard but upon a closer look, it doesn’t take long to know that the donor car is actually a Nissan Dayz/ Mitsubishi eKX, with an Alphard-like face slapped on it. The rear end is different though with slim horizontally oriented taillamps which are connected to each other. The back neither resembles the Alphard nor the Dayz/ eKX.

Weiao Boma EV

Inside, the relatively simple interior gets a dual-screen setup for the high-end model consisting of a 7-inch instrument panel and a 9-inch central control screen (the standard model only has an LCD instrument panel), 6-speaker sound system, and a two-spoke flat-bottom steering wheel. There is a row of physical function buttons above the air conditioning outlet. Weiao claims that the Boma has 16 storage spaces.

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In terms of safety, the Hongri Boma EV comes standard with a reversing radar, ABD with EBD, automatic door unlock after an accident, and a tire pressure monitoring system. However, no airbags or electronic stability control systems are present in the vehicle.

boma 6

Power comes from a 30kW front permanent magnet synchronous motor with a peak torque of 84Nm. The Boma EV provides two ternary lithium battery options. The 11.9kWh battery has a pure electric cruising range of 130km (CLTC) and a slow charging time of 7 hours from 0 – 100%. The 18.5kWh option has a pure electric cruising range of 200km (CLTC) and a slow charging time of 10 hours from 0 – 100%. The top speed is 100 km/h.

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Measuring 3,517/1,495/1,660 mm with a 2,495 mm wheelbase, the Boma EV will compete against the likes of the hot-selling Wuling Hongguang Mini EV in the Chinese market. It comes available in 3 variants (two with an 11.9kWh battery and one with an 18.5kWh battery) which are priced between 39,900 and 51,900 yuan ($5,700 to $7,460 USD).

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