Why FAW is Able to Survive in Pakistan

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Since the last couple of decades, Pakistan’s automobile market is primarily dominated by 3 Japanese automakers, Suzuki, Toyota and Honda. These automakers sell a handful of vehicles since more than a couple of decades that never rival each other.

While the prices of vehicles sold in Pakistan are higher than the comparative markets, the cars being sold are mostly labeled as obsolete, feature ripped and substandard, that too, in the absence of true competition.

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Different automobile manufacturers including Chevrolet, Proton, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Kia, Hyundai, Chery & Geely came & went off the scene but none was able to survive against the Japanese monopoly. In the current scenario Al-Haj FAW is the only player in our market which sells passenger & commercial vehicles other than Japanese trio. Other companies dealing with Chinese automobiles are limited to selling commercial vehicles and minivans on small scale.

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Al-Haj FAW Motors was incorporated as a Private Limited Company in October 2006. Started with two variants of heavy duty trucks, the company currently offer 1.0L FAW Carrier pickup, 1.0L XPV passenger van and 1.3L V2 hatchback and is working on to introduce the 1.5L R7 SUV. FAW is also dominating the truck market with a good range of heavy duty vehicles.

In 2017, the Al-Haj FAW also introduced locally manufactured ambulance based on the X-PV. The X-PV Ambulance carries the capacity to efficiently house paramedical staff and patient. The company also recently delivered a batch of OGRA compliant J5P-360 trucks to PSO.

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The reason why the company has been able to withstand the competition is their long term vision. They maybe slow to introduce new products, but are taking steps in the right direction. Unfortunately most newcomers during the previous decade, including the Chinese, just opened up shops and sold CBUs without any major investment in the country. And when the times got tough they simply packed up and left, leaving the customers in all sorts of troubles. However FAW has made heavy investments in Pakistan which ensures their commitment.

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Al-Haj FAW has injected more than 600 million into their plant near Zulfiqarabad Karachi. The investment is focused for a new paint shop, ED coating plant, extended warehouse facilities and modern assembly line. The company started its operations in Pakistan with 7 acres of land in 2006, whereas it now has an operating land of nearly 35 acres.

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Compared to any other Chinese brand previously available in Pakistan, FAW products are better built, well equipped, offer good value for money and are backed by proper after sales support. FAW has an extensive dealership network that’s spread all over the country with presence in smaller cities as well. FAW Carrier, X-PV and V2 are all enjoying decent sales and are slowly building their reputation as trusted choice in our market. However considering the upcoming competition, the company needs to enhance their portfolio by offering sedans, SUVs & MPVs.

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