Why FAW V2 is Better Than Previously Available Chinese Cars

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Al-Haj FAW introduced the 1300cc V2 hatchback in Pakistan back in 2014. Launched initially as CBU, the V2 received positive response from the public and in August 2017, the company began assembling the hatchback locally.

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Off course it wasn’t easy for V2 to see success in a resale-oriented market that’s primarily dominated by three Japanese players since more than a couple of decades. Also due to the fact that Chinese cars that were launched in our country earlier, had casted an utterly bad impression due to their lousy quality and bad after-sales support.

Why FAW V2 is Better Than Previously Available Chinese Cars 1

However the V2 has become a regular sight on roads now and has an increasing number of satisfied customers in major cities of Pakistan. According to the company, the V2 hatchback have seen a 60% increase in sales ever since the local production has commenced.

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Let us look at the factors why FAW V2 is better than previously available Chinese cars in Pakistan.

Better Build Quality

One of the core advantages of buying the V2 is the fact that you get a quality that’s better than any previously available Chinese car in Pakistan.


Better Performance

The FAW V2 is powered by a 1.3 liter engine that is compliant to Euro IV emission standards, and is mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. The engine is powerful enough for daily commutes and ideal for highway traveling. The fuel economy figures are decent too, as V2 owners have been getting 12-13 km per liter within city, and up to 16.5 km per liter on highways.


Better Equipment

FAW V2 comes rich in equipment on offer. Key features include Driver & Passenger Airbags, ABS with EBD, Alloy Wheels, Power Windows, Electric Power Steering, Central Locking, Side Protection Beams and Engine Immobilizer.

Why FAW V2 is Better Than Previously Available Chinese Cars 2

Better After Sales Support

Al-Haj FAW’s after sales support is also better than any previously operated Chinese brand in Pakistan. FAW has more than 20 3S centers across Pakistan, which is more than any other Chinese brand in comparison.

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Why FAW V2 is Better Than Previously Available Chinese Cars 3

Assembled in Pakistan

One of the key advantage is that the V2 is now being assembled locally. This gives a lot of confidence for those who were earlier reluctant to buy the car. The local assembling is one of the key reasons of the improvement in V2 sales.

Why FAW V2 is Better Than Previously Available Chinese Cars 4

Company Caters to Customer Demands

FAW has been committed to provide better customer service and actually listens to its customer demands. The company has been periodically introducing improvements with the V2 hatchback such as the enhanced door insulations in the local assembled versions, introduction of black interior as according to owners the previous light grey tone was prone to get dirty quite easily.

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As well as swapping the headlight/ indicator and wiper stalk back to their conventional locations. As opposed to what we are used to, FAW V2 had the wiper stalk on the right hand side of the steering assembly whereas the headlight & indicators stalk were on the left.

The Warranty Advantage

FAW V2 comes with an advantage of 3 years/ 60,000km warranty (whichever occurs first). This ensures an unmatched peace of mind, and makes V2 the best value for money hatchback currently available in Pakistan.

Why FAW V2 is Better Than Previously Available Chinese Cars 5

Better Resale

And with constantly improving sales, the resale value of FAW V2 has also significantly improved over the period of time. People now look for slightly used V2 in used car market and consider it a better option against other models available in the same price range.

Why FAW V2 is Better Than Previously Available Chinese Cars 6

Perhaps slowly, yet steadily the FAW V2 has been able to signify itself as an affordable, reliable and feature-rich option in our market. It is perhaps the only available option among local assembled passenger cars that’s not only reasonably priced but is rich in terms of features & equipment.

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