Will You Ditch Your Sedan in Favor of MPV?

As the time passes, the need to upgrade to a family car comes up. You may be compelled to dispose your small car to upgrade to a bigger one which can accommodate your growing family. People generally opt for a sedan as they are considered bigger than hatchbacks however sedans, no matter how big will be able to accommodate 5 passengers only.

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Thankfully nowadays you can go for Multi-Purpose Vehicles, commonly known as MPVs, which are more suitable to bigger families. They are sort of minivans which come with a third row seating and have a bigger cabin space resulting in a more spacious headroom and legroom for passengers. MPVs are convenient for larger families because of their significant seating capacity of up to 8 passengers, depending on the make & model.

In recent years the global trend of owning an MPVs has been on a rise. Since MPVs offer practicality with greater space for both passengers & luggage, while the recent lot of these vehicles which are stylish and resemble more like a crossover SUVs, have made people opt for MPVs in good numbers.

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In our country however the story is a little bit different. Due to very limited options & obsession with resale, most people prefer to stick with the market cars. You can see a family of 6, squeezed into a car dragging on a busy road, brushing all sorts of speed breakers on its way but will rarely find a family traveling in a spacious MPV in a prestigious manner.

Also in recent years the prices of ordinary hatchbacks & sedans have crossed the limits of sanity, as a result of which the unconventional choices such as crossover SUVs and MPVs have become a lot more attractive than before. That’s also the reason why most newcomers have MPVs in their pipelines, Changan has been putting up the A800 MPV on display at various local auto events, Proton has been seen testing the Exora MPV whereas Sazgar is also in works to take in the BAIC M50 MPV in their lineup.

Currently Honda BR-V is the highest selling & the only local assembled MPV in Pakistan. FAW Sirius was pulled out of the contest a couple of years ago whereas the imported Toyota Avanza and Suzuki APV are there just for the sake of being there. The problem again with these (imported ones) is the outrageously high price tag, however keeping in view the new SUVs in the market which are bleeding into the league of sedans does give us a hope that logically priced MPVs can still be introduced in Pakistan that can shake up the conventional sedan market.

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Given a chance, will you prefer buying an MPV for a family of 6 instead of a conventional resale-friendly sedan? Let us know with your comments. To know more about the advantages of MPVs, read our earlier article below.


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