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Winners and Losers of August 2020

Pakistan Automobile Manufacturers Association (PAMA) has released the sales data for the month of August 2020. Car sales witnessed an increase of 8.3% on year-on-year basis in August. This is also the first annual growth after 16 months, since the last time car sales were seen increasing Y-o-Y was in March 2019. Sale of 9,885 units was recorded in August 2020 from 9,126 units sold during the same month last year. However, the figure was still lower by 2.3% compared to the sales from July 2020.

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Each month we bring you the Winners & Losers comparison, where winners are those which saw an improvement in sales over the previous month and losers being those which witness a decline in sales. While most of the models saw an increase in sales in August over July 2020; there were some cars which suffered from a decline.


ModelJuly 2020August 2020Difference
Suzuki Ravi48967037%
Hyundai Porter668833.33%
Suzuki Cultus1077140029.9%
Suzuki Wagon R56673329.5%
Toyota Hilux48661426.3%
Suzuki Bolan51961518.4%
Suzuki Alto2158238910.7%
Honda BR-V2572788.17%
Suzuki Swift1821967.6%
Hyundai Tucson22

Suzuki Ravi and Hyundai Porter witnessed the highest increase in sales in August followed by the 1.0L Pak Suzuki duo– the Cultus & WagonR. Toyota Hilux also saw decent improvement in sales followed by the rest. The newest addition to the list is the Hyundai Tucson which sold 22 units in the month of August.


ModelsJuly 2020August 2020Difference
Isuzu D-MAX4022-45%
Toyota Corolla1528867-43.2%
Toyota Fortuner146121-17.1%
Honda Civic & City22101980-10.4%
Toyota Yaris18831705-9.4%

Isuzu D-MAX which recorded its highest ever sales in June 2020 just isn’t able to maintain its momentum as its sales saw a whopping 81% decline from 207 units to just 40 in July 2020, and now suffering from a further 45% decline with just 22 units sold in August. As predicted, Toyota Corolla continued to lose its plot with 43% decline since the bulk of the sales were contributed by the 1.3L variants which were discontinued in favor of Yaris, which too saw a 9.4% decline in August compared to sales from previous month. Honda Civic & City together were unable to push up to the Winners charts and suffered from 10.4% decline from previous month, whereas Toyota Fortuner too, suffered from a 17.1% decline in sales in August 2020.

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