Zimbabwe to Start Making Own Cars

Zimbabwe will soon start manufacturing its own cars, as current imports were choking the country’s potential in the automobile industry.

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Industry and Commerce Minister, Sekai Nzenza, while speaking during a policy review meeting in Kwekwe, said there was need to have a re-look at the Motor Industry Policy, which was currently in existence and find ways in which the country can start to manufacture its own cars. She said:

“Coming to the car manufacturing sector, we are importing cars and buses but the plan within industry is to start manufacturing cars locally. We have a strategy to look into the issue in the Motor Industry Policy.There is need for us to look further into the policy and ways in which we can take off the idea and ensuring that we have our own motor industry.”

Nzenza explained the government was aiming at industry resuscitation as well as value addition. The minister highlighted Zimbabwe was strategically positioned to fully exploit the automobile industry if it indeed takes off, as the country was endowed with vast lithium deposits.

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Zimbabwe is in the global top 5 countries with vast lithium. The country is currently looking for potential investors in the mineral. Nzenza said:

“We are the 5th country in the world with vast lithium deposits. From lithium, we will be able to manufacture electric batteries. We need to come up with ways on how we can tap into our lithium. As industry ministry, we said we cannot continue to mine lithium and send it overseas when we can value add.”

She informed that the Zimbabwean President said “we must look at bringing the right investors who will mine, manufacture and process lithium in the country, hence bringing in technology, creating employment and above all export substitution. We will be able to manufacture locally.”

Source: Bulawayo24

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