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CarSpiritPK aims to bring all the information including news updates, reviews, comparisons, maintenance, car histories and forecasting of the automobile market in Pakistan. With a prime focus on cars available in Pakistan, or the cars we believe should be in Pakistan. Created for auto enthusiasts, CarSpiritPK strives to give its readers the most interesting automotive related material on the internet.

The Author:

Usman Ansari

A car enthusiast associated with the 3D Animation industry of Pakistan since year 2000 having worked with leading organizations and production facilities across Pakistan. Passionate about cars ever since, and a strong desire to see the automobile industry of Pakistan flourish in true means, Usman Ansari has a vast experience of writing for major automobile portals of the country. In May 2016, was initiated by Usman Ansari.

Guest Writers:

Abdullah Shahid

A proud Pakistani and automotive enthusiastic with a dream to see Pakistani Automotive industry prosper. Runs a Youtube channel called Dem Lahori Guys specialized in automotive videography and reviews. Currently a student at FAST-NU. Drives a Toyota Prius 2nd Gen and a cute little Merhan(choti) on a daily basis.

Ahmad Zaheer

Ahmad Zaheer is a motor-head and a part time couch potato. Some say when he isn’t on the road, he’s at home watching videos of cars and that the only food he is capable of eating is Corolla XLi.



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