2017 Toyota Yaris To Ride On TNGA-B Platform


The next-generation 2017 Toyota Yaris will ride on the TNGA-B (Toyota New Global Architecture, B-Segment) platform, and is expected to arrive in a few months.

The next-generation 2017 Toyota Yaris (Vitz in Japan) is codenamed ‘865A’, and will be made at the same locations as the current model i.e. Japan, China, Thailand and France. According to the report its production will last until 2023 following a typical six-year life cycle. Toyota could continue using the existing set of engines on the 2017 Yaris with minor updates towards increased fuel economy.

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Seigo Kuzumaki, Assistant Chief Safety Technology Officer, Toyota Motor Corporation, said that in future the new TNGA platform will eventually be adapted by every Toyota vehicle. “The plan is to introduce this technology to our vehicles in Japan, Europe and the US in 2017. Later on, it will be rolled out country wise depending on suitability.” Kuzumaki added.

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In 2014 there were rumors regarding Indus motors testing the Vios sedan & Yaris hatchback in Pakistan for a possible launch, however since then there is no update on this news. The Asian markets Yaris comes with a 1.2 liter 86 hp 4 cylinder engine, and if Indus motors brings the popular hatchback to Pakistan, placed below the Corolla range, it will surely give a tough time to the 1.3 liter Pak Suzuki Swift hatchback.


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