2025 Honda Civic Revealed in Hybrid Guise

For 2025, the Honda Civic gets a thorough makeover that includes a hybrid variant. Images of this new model, which also features the updated styling for the full 2025 Civic lineup, have been released by Honda.

Released images are of a 2025 Honda Civic Hybrid sedan in Sport Touring trim which shows stylish new wheels and an updated front bumper and grille, that resembles the previous Civic Type R’s almost as much, in addition to the hybrid logo on the back. Honda has stated that it will also be introducing new features to the 2025 Civic, however, the specifics have not yet been disclosed.

2025 honda civic hybrid front 65a83c3e9faa6

The Civic Hybrid will likely have a setup comparable to the Accord and CR-V hybrids but with a smaller gasoline engine. Instead of the 2.0L engine, the Civic Hybrid could include a 1.5L gasoline unit, similar to the arrangement utilized in the previous Civic-based Insight, which was retired in 2022.

2025 honda civic hybrid rear 65a83c3e21d98

The updated Honda Civic will go on sale towards the latter part of this year starting from the North American markets and will begin reaching other parts of the world from 2025 onward.

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