7th Gen Hyundai Avante (Elantra) Launched in Korea

After revealing the facelift in February, Hyundai has launched the updated 7th gen Elantra, which is marketed as Hyundai Avante in South Korea & has just gone on sale in its home market starting today.

As seen in previously released images, the new Elantra/ Avante facelift features subtle design changes that seem to sharpen up the front and rear-end styling of the sedan.

2024 Hyundai Avante Elantra i30 Sedan 3

The Avante facelift is the latest vehicle to receive a built-in dashcam which is attached to the top of the windscreen and delivers video to the infotainment screen or directly to a smartphone. In that vein, a mobile device running iOS or Android can now function as a digital key. Owners of the Korean-spec Avante can lock and unlock the car and share usage rights with up to 7 other people.

2024 Hyundai Avante Elantra i30 Sedan 1

The air conditioning system contains an “After-Blow” feature that helps to decrease mold accumulation. According to Hyundai, this technology basically dries the air conditioner by:

“After turning off the engine and allowing the condensate on the evaporator to drain naturally for around 30 minutes, ‘After-Blow’ activates for 10 minutes to dry the evaporator and any condensate left in the air route. During this time, the air-conditioning system automatically permits outside air to enter to prevent humidity from building up.”

Owners don’t have to worry about returning to a car with a dead battery since a sensor detects when the battery is running low and prevents the After-Blow from totally draining it. Furthermore, When the outside temperature is low or the AC has not been used for an extended period of time, the system will not activate.

2024 Hyundai Avante Elantra i30 Sedan 2

In South Korea, the Hyundai Avante is available with petrol, LPG, and hybrid powertrain options. The naturally-aspirated 1.6L Smartstream petrol engine produces 121 hp, the 1.6 LPi makes 118 hp, while the self-charging hybrid is good for 104 hp. According to Hyundai, the suspension has been upgraded for a more refined ride, while the newly designed air curtains in the front bumper will enhance the fuel efficiency of the new Avante, albeit only slightly.

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Pricing starts from ₩19,970,000 ($15,287) for the entry-level Smart trim of the petrol, up to ₩32,630,000 ($24,979) for the flagship Inspiration trim of the hybrid. After making its debut in its home market, the 7th gen Elantra facelift will begin reaching global markets in the second half of this year. The performance Elantra N facelift will also follow suit.

Launched in March 2020, the 7th generation Hyundai Elantra/ Avante has been blessed with a facelift after its standard 3 years of the production period. Interestingly, a year after the global debut of 7th gen Elantra, Hyundai-Nishat launched the obsolete 6th-generation model in Pakistan. Today, the base Elantra GL with a 1.6L engine is priced at PKR 61.99 lac while the 2.0L GLS variant is available for PKR 67.30 lac.

Gallery: 7th gen Hyundai Avante/ Elantra facelift

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