Advance Income Tax Increased for Non-Filers

The government in its recent financial amendments, have allowed non-filers of tax returns to buy new cars. Earlier in the first financial amendment made in January 2019, the government allowed non-filers to buy cars up to 1300cc engine capacity only.

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Now as per the second financial amendment, non-filers can buy locally assembled vehicles of all engine capacities. However the rate of Advance Income Tax has been significantly increased for non-filers by 50%. Below is the rate of Advance Income Tax under Section 231(B) for different vehicle categories based on their engine displacement:

Engine (cc) Tax for Filers (PKR) Tax for Non-Filers (PKR)
850cc or below 7,500 15,000 (previously 10,000)
851cc to 1000cc 15,000 37,500 (previously 25,000)
1001cc to 1300cc 25,000 60,000 (previously 40,000)
1301cc to 1600cc 50,000 150,000 (previously 100,000)
1601cc to 1800cc 75,000 225,000 (previously 150,000)
1801cc to 2000cc 100,000 300,000 (previously 200,000)
2001cc to 2500cc 150,000 450,000 (previously 300,000)
2501cc to 3000cc 200,000 600,000 (previously 400,000)
3000cc or above 250,000 675,000 (previously 450,000)
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