BYD Yuan Subcompact Crossover

The Chinese automaker BYD, once famous for copies designs is rolling out sensational vehicles today. One of the reasons is the former Audi designer Wolfgang Egger who is heading BYD as Director of Design and Development.

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The recent lot of vehicles that BYD has been producing is quite impressive for sure. Such as the Song MPV, Tang SUV, Qin Pro and the E-SEED concept shown at the 2018 Beijing Auto Show held last month.

BYD which literally stands for ‘Build Your Dreams’ is a Chinese automobile manufacturing company which made its debut from less than 30 people in 1995 and within just 8 years became the second largest rechargeable battery producer in the world by 2003.

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In the same year, BYD started to set foot in the automotive industry by purchasing the Tsinchuan Automobile Company. Today BYD owns more than 50,000 staff members all over the world and is also among pioneers in making electric & hybrid vehicles in China. BYD’s F3DM is the world’s first mass produced plug-in hybrid automobile.

In 2012, BYD rolled out the F5 Suri sedan, world’s first car to offer a fully functional remote control. The F5 Suri can be controlled from the outside using a remote control that not only can start the engine, but can switch on the lights, turn signals, switch on the air-conditioner, control steering wheel, & move the car forward & reverse at a maximum speed of 2 km/h.

BYD Yuan

But it’s not just about making big cars with powerful engines, BYD can pack all the excitement in a small car too. The new BYD Yuan compact SUV is just that with a sportier design, roof rails, black cladding around wheel arches, dual-tone exterior colors, hidden D-pillar and a spare wheel at the rear.

Since the recent past, BYD has been putting the car’s name on the grille, instead of the BYD logo. A ‘yuan’ character in white in a round black badge is present upfront, while there is a small BYD logo on the right side of the grille. BYD is going to do this on all their cars with a one-character name, such as Song, Tang etc.

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The BYD Yuan comes with a choice of three engine options. First there is a 1.5 liter naturally aspirated unit with 109hp and 145nm, mated to a five-speed manual transmission, and front-wheel drive. The second is a 1.5 liter turbocharged unit with 154hp and 240nm, mated to a six-speed DCT, sending power to the front wheels.

The third option is monstrous- the hybrid. It is powered by 1.5 liter naturally aspirated engine with 109hp and 145nm. This engine is combined with two electric motors each powering one rear wheel. The combined power of the two motors is 147hp and 250nm, accounting for a grand output of 256hp and 395nm mated to the six-speed DCT gearbox. The petrol engine powers the front wheels, whereas the electric motors propel the rear wheels.

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This outrageous amount of power is enough for Yuan SUV to achieve 0-100 in just under 4.9 seconds! Range on pure electric mode is 85km, while combined fuel consumption as claimed by BYD is 2 liters per 100 kilometer (50km/ liter).


The interior is nice and impressive too. The multi-function steering wheel has the Yuan logo instead of BYD. The color combination is black & orange which looks quite appealing. The touch screen features Baidu CarLife, permanent 4G internet, Bluetooth and WiFi hot spot.

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BYD designers went crazy on the rear lights, with the door handle hiding within the right light. There is a spare wheel mounted at the rear door, which is huge and hinges to the left.

All in all, the BYD Yuan is an impressive vehicle with decent appearance as well as some impressive performance figures. It is yet another example of the massive improvement the Chinese automakers have achieved within a short span of time.

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