CATL Develops Skateboard Chassis with a 1,000 km Range

Chinese battery giant CATL has announced the completion of its CIIC skateboard platform testing in China. According to the company, CIIC can achieve a 1,000 km range, consume 10.5 kWh/100km, and charge 300 km of driving range in just 5 minutes.

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After finishing the summer testing in Turpan and the winter testing in Heihe, northern Chin, the trial results were made public by CATL Chief Scientist Wu Kaiat at the International Automotive Conference.


By combining batteries, electric motors, and other essential components into a unified platform, the CIIC (CATL Integrated Intelligent Chassis) skateboard minimizes production costs, reduces weight, and consumes less energy while optimizing passenger space in electric vehicles. The company also revealed that the CIIC uses CTC (cell-to-chassis) technology and incorporates steering and braking systems, high-voltage and low-voltage systems, and chassis domain controllers.

hozon catl

Hozon Auto, a Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer and the owner of the Neta brand became the first partner to sign a contract with CATL in January to use their skateboard chassis. The first model powered by CIIC, a B-segment EV sedan will be released in Q3 2024, according to the announcement made by both companies. A high degree of integration between the vehicle and chassis is anticipated with CIIC, which should save costs and shorten the overall development cycle.

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