Former Minister’s Son Killed in Road Accident

Dr. Tariq Fazal Chaudhry, a PML-N leader, and former cabinet minister, lost his son in a car accident late on Monday night. His son Hanza Tariq, suffered from serious injuries in an accident while driving a modified 4×4 along 7th Avenue, in Islamabad.

Police claim that Hanza lost control of the vehicle after swerving to escape a motorbike rider who abruptly came in front of him. The vehicle, which was a modified Toyota Tundra rolled a few times before coming to rest alongside the greenbelt. Hanza reportedly suffered numerous injuries in the collision and passed away after being taken to the hospital. Police reported that the family later got his body.

Various social media posts claim that the vehicle was modified for rallying purposes and was being tested on the roads of Islamabad. Though many also blame the motorbike rider who came in his way, a wider vehicle like Tundra cannot roll over multiple times if it was being driven within speed limits. May the departed soul rest in peace and may God bless everyone with the sense to observe speed limits on public roads.

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