Hyundai Santa Fe Surpasses 1,000 Units Sales Mark

Hyundai launched the Santa Fe hybrid SUV in Pakistan in October 2023 as the flagship model in its lineup. Priced at Rs 129.90 lac for the Smart variant and Rs 146.99 lac for the flagship Signature variant, the Santa Fe is among the most expensive locally assembled vehicles but has been performing exceptionally well despite its higher price.

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According to the latest data released by the Pakistan Automobile Manufacturers Association (PAMA), Santa Fe has now surpassed the 1,000-unit sales mark. After 6 months of its launch, the sales tally stands at 1,008 units rendering a monthly average of 168 units. The figure might not look that appealing to you until you see the sales of Honda’s HR-V and BR-V which are supposedly aimed at mass-market buyers and are available at almost half the price compared to the Santa Fe.

santa fe1

Since Santa Fe’s launch in October 2023, Honda has managed to sell only 765 units of HR-V and BR-V combined, which results in a dismal monthly sales average of 63 odd units. This implies that the sales of Santa Fe are 166% higher than the Honda HR-V and BR-V showing how popular Hyundai’s flagship SUV has been among the rich & affluent buyers of Pakistan.

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The sales of expensive crossovers and SUVs are increasing even as the car industry in Pakistan as a whole is experiencing an overall decline. While the success of Hyundai Santa Fe highlights the broadening economic divide in society, it also explains why the majority of automakers, despite the ongoing economic challenges, feel compelled to introduce & sell expensive luxury models in the country rather than mass-market versions that are regarded to be unprofitable.

santa fe2

Santa Fe’s sales average since launch has improved from 149 units to 168 units a month and is expected to grow further considering how it has performed in the market.

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