Kia Confirms Tasman Nameplate in Latest Teaser

Kia has confirmed the name of its highly anticipated pickup truck: the Tasman. Inspired by the rugged beauty and pioneering spirit of Tasmania, the island at the southernmost tip of Australia, the name evokes a spirit of adventure and exploration.

The Kia Tasman represents the brand’s bold first step into the global C-segment pickup truck market. Not just a practical work partner, the Kia Tasman redefines the concept of a lifestyle pickup to offer a suitable companion for a dynamic 24/7 lifestyle, catering to diverse personal and extreme leisure pursuits.

Kia plans to debut its first-ever pickup model in 2025, implementing a phased global launch strategy that includes markets like Korea, Australia, Africa, and the Middle East. This strategic approach aims to cater to the unique demands and preferences of each region, considering factors such as Australia’s strong market for pickup trucks, Korea’s growing interest in outdoor pursuits, and Africa and the Middle East’s need for off-road vehicles in diverse terrains, including deserts.

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With its versatility and capability, the Kia Tasman is poised to gain widespread popularity as a volume model in the Australian market and beyond, solidifying Kia’s position as a leader in developing multifunctional outdoor vehicles.

kia tasman name

The Tasman moniker was selected from a pool of names sourced from Kia’s global markets and was initially proposed by Kia Australia. It was ultimately chosen for its connection to Tasmania, known as the ‘island of inspiration’, and the Tasman Sea. Boasting a unique blend of diverse wilderness and cultural richness, the island’s stunning landscape and diverse wildlife contribute to a sense of wonder and community found nowhere else on Earth. The name encapsulates this spirit of adventure, reflecting the rugged nature and capabilities of Kia’s upcoming pickup truck.

kia tasman pickup 2 scaled

Kia first confirmed its venture into the Australian Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) market in March of this year, releasing a TV commercial in which 20 of Australia’s most iconic sporting figures debated what the Kia pickup truck should be named. Kia is taking Expressions of Interest via the Kia Australia website to enable people to stay informed leading up to the vehicle’s launch.

To know what the Kia Tasman will look like, see our earlier post below:

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