Li Auto Mega Luxury Electric MPV Launched in China

Li Auto, a relatively popular electric carmaker in China following less than a decade of presence in business, has launched its first pure-electric vehicle, as all its previous offerings were range-extended EREVs. Called Mega, the luxury electric MPV is not only among the largest but also among the most expensive electric vehicles out there.

The Li Auto Mega, or simply Li Mega is priced at 559,800 yuan ($78,700/ PKR 21.99 crore) and targets affluent families in China. Li Auto claims that the Mega is the world’s largest mass-produced passenger electric vehicle, measuring 5,350mm in length, 1,965mm in width, and 1,850mm in height, with a 3,300mm wheelbase. In comparison, the new Kia Carnival luxury MPV measures 5,155/ 1,995/ 1,775 mm with a 3,090 mm wheelbase.

li mega dim

Despite its gigantic size, the Mega, dubbed by Li Auto as a “highway bullet train” owing to its streamlined bullet-style shape, sleek styling, and an impressive drag coefficient of 0.215 Cd, is quite a nimble machine. Propelled by dual motors totaling 400 kW of power (a 245 kW synchronous permanent magnet e-motor at the rear axle and 155 kW asynchronous induction motor at the front axle) and 542 Nm of torque, the Li Mega can accelerate from 0-100km/h in just 5.5 seconds.

li mega 2

Li Mega comes equipped with the Qilin 5C ternary NMC battery from CATL, the cell cycle life of which was enhanced by over 50%. The 102.7 kWh battery enables 710 km of CLTC range (575 km WLTC). The rated charging power of the Mega reaches 400 kW, while the peak charging power is over 520 kW. As a result, the Mega will be able to recover 80% of its energy in just 12 minutes.

li mega 8

Inside, the Mega offers comfortable seating for seven passengers in a 2+2+3 layout. Li Auto takes advantage of its generous interior space by fitting sofa-like seats with built-in massagers, providing passengers with luxurious travel experiences. Furthermore, to ensure occupants stay refreshed during their journey, the vehicle comes equipped with reclining captain chairs, fold-flat seats, a 17-inch rear fold-down movie screen, and even a built-in fridge.

li mega 13

The center console has Li Auto’s signature screen arrangement with two 15.7-inch monitors, a thin touch screen on the steering wheel, and a large AR HUD. The heads-up display can project the image from the side-view cameras. This multimedia system is powered by the Snapdragon 8295P SoC from Qualcomm. Other features worth mentioning include 21 speakers, two 50 W wireless phone charging pads, first and second-row seats with a 16-point massage function, a driver’s seat with an adjustable hardness of the cushion & side support as well as seat heating.

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Li Auto Mega is equipped with the AD Max autonomous driving system that comprises two Nvidia Orin-X chips with a combined computing power of 508 TOPS. It also has a LiDAR sensor from Hesai, 11 cameras, 12 ultrasonic radars, and a millimeter wave radar. Thanks to the advanced hardware, the Li Auto Mega supports full-scenario Navigation on the Autopilot (NOA) system. It can drive on its own on urban roads and highways. The vehicle is equipped with 9 airbags while its torsional rigidity reaches an impressive number of 44,000 Nm/degree.

mega roll out

Mass production has already started and Li Auto has stated that the commencement of Mega deliveries will begin on March 11. The introduction of the model comes at a crucial juncture for the automaker, which achieved profitability for the first time in 2023. The company delivered 376,030 units in 2023 surpassing its annual sales target of 300,000 units.

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